5 Signs Your BFF is Lying to You

5 Signs Your BFF is Lying to You

If you have a gut feeling that your best friend is into something fishy and is not telling you the entire truth, chances are that your feeling could be true. Whether your best friend’s lie is seemingly small or significant, it is important for you to know if you are being taken for a ride or not. Here are a few signs that can help you figure out whether your bestie is lying to you or not.

1. Your best friend gives lame excuses for not taking your calls

One of the first telltale signs of a lying best friend is that he or she isn’t taking your calls. If your best friend does return your calls, or follows it up with a really lame excuse, consider him or her to be lying. Best friends don’t give each other silly excuses for not taking calls. So the minute you start feeling iffy about your best friend’s vague excuses for not receiving your calls, feel free to start doubting him or her.

2. Your best friend doesn’t share as much as before

Best friends are likely to share everything with each other under the sun. Whether it is something as silly as what they ate for lunch or something as important as each other’s dates. If your best friend has been mum lately, and isn’t opening up to you about the things he or she ideally should, it could be a sign of him or her lying to you.

3. You are not the first person to know the updates in your best friend’s life

How hurt would you feel if you hear about an important event or update in your bestie’s life through a third person? In fact this could be a clear sign that your best friend is drifting away from you. If you are not the first person to know about the latest in your best friend’s life, you could be befriending a liar for a friend.

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