8 Best Smartphone Apps for Women

8 Best Smartphone Apps for Women

Apps have become one of the most go-to tools for people all over the world. With advancements in technology, the advent of smartphones has resulted in countless applications for entertainment, weight loss, gaming, weather reports, etc. The apps listed here are the best ones that you as a woman can benefit from.

1. Geodelic

For women owning iPhones and Android phones, knowing what’s in their locality has become easier with the Geodelic app. It instantly lets users know about the nearest restaurants, theaters, malls, stores, repair shops and other such vital information. So if you get lost anywhere in the world, rest assured you can rely on this app to guide you.

2. Sleep Machine

It’s an unfortunate fact that even though women need more sleep than men, they get lesser and often disturbed sleep. When you are overworked and need a relaxed environment to snooze, this app can give you a way out. It lets you play, mix and create different soothing sounds like the lull of waves or old Blue melodies to cajole you into restful sleep.

3. Grocery iQ

It can be difficult to keep track of groceries in the house. With this application, you can create grocery lists, scan bar codes for the lowest prices, get product details and deals and coupons to save money.

4. RedLaser

This one is great for saving money. It scans the bar code of products and lets you know where it is available with the lowest price, be it online or in real stores. You can save money as well as time by going to the right places to buy your products.

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