7 Ways to Select Clothes that Flatter Your Body Type

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The clothes you wear should ideally accentuate the good looking parts of your body and hide the flaws. There are some silhouettes that may flatter your body type and some that can make you look really bad. Here are a few ways to select clothes that flatter your body type, whatever it may be.

1. Select the waistline of your clothes according to the shape and size of your midriff

If you have a midriff to die for, you could easily pick a waistline which is low. A low waistline will show more volume on the upper half of your body. If you have a flabby midriff and you want to hide the bulge on your tummy, pick an empire line dress. This will hide your flab and make you look slimmer than you are.

2. Pick hemlines of your clothes according to the shape of your legs

Hemlines are crucial when it comes to selecting clothes that flatter your body type. A hemline that falls between the knee and ankle could go terribly wrong if you have short and stubby legs. Such hemlines can be carried off by women with slender and long legs. Women with stubbier legs should either go for knee length dresses or maxis that don’t allow showing of a lot of skin.

3. Wear strapless dresses or tank tops if you have sharp shoulder blades

Women who are on the chubbier side may be risking a fashion faux pas in an attempt to carry off a tank top or strapless dress. Any clothes that expose shoulders will look best on women who have sharp shoulders and toned arms. If you don’t have such body frame and still want to wear strappy clothes, you can use a shrug or a wrap to cover your shoulders and avoid drawing attention to them.

4. Avoid oversized clothing if you are slender

Oversized clothing has been in vogue lately but it may not necessarily suit women with all body types. Women with moderate or slightly heavy frames can wear large cardigans or oversized jackets but women with petite or thin body frames should avoid them. Oversized clothing on thin women with hourglass figures may look like clothes that are hung on a hanger.

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