7 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You in a Long Distance Relationship

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship can be a very tricky business. Your mind may go haywire and think of things you would have never imagined; “Has he forgotten me?” “Was all that for nothing?” “Because he is not getting it from me, is he getting it from elsewhere?” You need to feel secure and relaxed, and sometimes you can help yourself by acting calmly about your relationship. Here are 7 ways to make your LDR (long distance relationship) boyfriend miss you.

1. Send him pictures

Send him your recent pictures. He would really like to see you in certain kinds of clothes he best likes you in. Photoshop them and send him your picture regularly. A picture says thousand words; it will keep reminding him, how much he loves and misses you.

2. Tell him about every new development

Send him pictures of your desk; discuss your work, about meals- what you had, what he had. It will make him feel that no matter where you are even the little things matter and you care about him, most deeply.

3. Phone or cyber sex

This is an interesting way to get your boyfriend all going and literally on his toes. Fix up a time/date for a session of phone or cyber sex. Next time he sees you, he will come over sprinting! This will remind him of how beautiful it would be if you were together and were making out.

4. Talk about moments you spend together as a couple

When he is going for a walk, or a movie, to a restaurant or such similar places where you both have been together, cherish the memories, go over it, remind him that how much you are looking forward to make those memories again when you meet him again. He would miss you like crazy!

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