10 Signs You are Dating a Psycho

Signs You are Dating a Psycho

Dating is fun but if the person you are dating is mentally disturbed or acts like a psycho, then you are looking at a nightmarish and scary journey ahead. Watch out and know early whether you are dating a psycho or not. Look out for these 10 signs:

1. He is always asking, ‘Where are you?’

He wants to know all the time where you are and what you are doing. He’ll call you, sms you, email you, even call your friends or family; in a nutshell, he’ll do whatever he can to get an update on you at all times.

2. He is too quick to admit that he loves you

He has been too quick to say the three magical words: ‘I love you’ and doesn’t mind saying them over and over again.

3. He seems to like everything you like

Trust your instincts when you find it ‘weird’ that all your interests match because whatever you like, he seems to like. This is because he is determined to make you believe that he is the only one for you- your true and eternal soul mate.

4. He calls you incessantly

If you don’t pick up his call once, he goes almost frantic and calls you incessantly till you finally respond. Your mobile is beeping all the time due to his messages, to which he expects you to reply almost immediately.

5. He floods your inbox every day

Be it e-cards or love messages or long melodramatic emails, he makes sure that there’s hardly any space left for any other messages.

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