7 Tips to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

Tips to Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

Are you cooking, cleaning and scrubbing for most of your day? Do you get less time to spend with your family because you are constantly in the kitchen? Here are a few ways to spare more time for yourself and less time in the kitchen.

1. Chop and store meats and veggies in advance for later

If there are meats and veggies that you don’t prefer to buy pre-chopped, you can chop and store them in advance. Plan out a slot in your day when you can gather all your ingredients, chop them and store them in the refrigerator. Doing all the prep at once will save you more time than chopping according to your requirements every day.

2. Don’t try new recipes on weekdays

Stick to the dishes you make best when you are cooking on working days. Don’t be tempted to try new recipes that you are not familiar with, especially when you have other chores lined up for the day. New recipes may require you to use a trial and error method and source new ingredients beforehand, all of which can be quite time consuming.

3. Organize your kitchen well

One of the most important tips to spend less time in the kitchen, is to organize it well. This will help you save time looking around for the tools, appliances and ingredients you need on a daily basis. For example, if you know that you need the peeler every day, don’t stack it on a high shelf which may need a ladder to be accessed.

4. Don’t cook everyday

What can be a better option than cooking only twice or thrice a week? Whether you are professionally working or not, you don’t need to slog in the kitchen and cook every day. Take advantage of your refrigerator and store food that you make for the whole week on selected days. This will save you a significant amount of time as you won’t need to do related chores like running the dishwasher or cleaning the counter-top.

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