7 Ways to Fight Nausea

7 Ways to Fight Nausea

General flu and weak immunity causes nausea. There are other causes too, but stress has become the main cause today. The feeling of nausea is accompanied by bouts of vomiting. People generally pop pills to control this feeling. Listed below are some ways to fight nausea, read on.

1. Balanced diet

Have foods that will help to prevent the condition. Foods, which are rich in fiber, help to control the feeling of nausea. Include protein rich foods such as soy in your daily diet. Have two portions of fruits, do include banana. Banana is high in potassium content, which helps to cure the problem. Have small meals throughout the day.

2. Relaxation

Practice any form of relaxation to curb the feeling of nausea. Walk for 15-20 minutes and take a deep breath. Practice meditation for 5-10 minutes. Yoga can also help to prevent the problem in an effective way.

3. Ginger and mint juice

Did you know that ginger helps to prevent the feeling of vomiting and nausea? Mix a part of ginger juice with a part of mint juice. Have this two times in a day. You will definitely feel a difference. Ginger juice can also be taken with honey for this.

4. Cinnamon powder

Did you know that cinnamon helps to control the urge to vomit? It also helps to curb the feeling of nausea. Take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and add it in boiling water. Cool and sieve the water. Have this potion twice a day for getting good results.

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