7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Designer

7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Your Boyfriend's Fashion Designer

Every girlfriend would like her man to be well dressed and impeccable. Unknowingly this obsession may lead to managing everything their boyfriend wears. Here are a few ways you can avoid becoming your boyfriend’s fashion designer and still get your man to wear what you like.

1. Focus on other aspects of his personality other than looks

Do you always think about which t-shirt your boyfriend could wear while he is talking to you about something important? Whenever you go out with him, are you more concerned about what he is going to wear rather than how much fun you both will have? If you find yourself in this place repeatedly, beware that you might jeopardize your relationship because of this habit. Focus your attention on his other charming personality traits and try to forget about how he looks or what he is wearing.

2. Subtly gift your boyfriend the clothes you want him to wear

If you don’t want to come across as a nagging girlfriend who tells her boyfriend what to wear all the time, you can throw subtle hints. From belts, t-shirts, hats, jerseys, denims to jackets, you can strategically gift your boyfriend the things you want him to wear. This way he won’t even vaguely sense that you are turning into his fashion designer, yet you will be able in accomplishing your mission.

3. Compliment him strategically

What is a sure shot way to get your boyfriend to repeatedly wear what you want him to? Compliment him. Shower lots of love on him and compliment him when he wears something you like so that he wears it again just for you. He could also go to the extent of buying similar clothes when he goes shopping next time.

4. Set up him and his friends to go out shopping

If you think that all your boyfriend’s friends are well dressed except for him, arrange for a stag shopping spree. Avoid picking on him and explicitly telling him what he should or shouldn’t wear, instead send him shopping with his friends. The choices of his friends are likely to influence him.

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