7 Unexpected Places From Where You Can Learn Fashion Lessons

Unexpected Places From Where You Can Learn Fashion Lessons

Contrary to popular belief, fashion is art, music, design, architecture, geometry; all combined together to kick start a revolution in clothes, shoes and accessories. What you wear defines you and also speaks of what you believe in. Hence, here is your chance to learn about unexpected places where fashion inspiration is derived from. If you have a keen eye of an artist and observe everything around you– you can reinvent and create what people call fashion. Here are 7 unexpected places from where you can learn your fashion lessons.

1. Holy places

Ancient history has religion and surrounding architecture as a focal point in the history of mankind. The pagan gods and goddesses, depiction of Indian gods, the temples studded with exuberant colors, authentic churches and mosques are work of art that can be used to create a semi ethnic and ethnic line of clothing and accessories.

2. Historical monuments

We witness great architectures and buildings that have gone down in history as the most renowned monuments– the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the great Moughal architecture like the Taj Mahal, the synagogues, the Islamic designs and many other historical extravaganzas can be depicted in the creation of the clothing line.

3. Street

Dirt, beggars, shopkeepers, hawkers, road side bars, prostitutes and homeless men– these are the images that come to your mind when someone talks about the street. The dull hues contrasting with whacky shades –a quagmire of colors and moods is what fashion is all about and you can observe and adopt so much from this theme.

4. Newspaper vendors

The black and white tainted and printed patterns with lettering of different kinds is not just a source of knowledge and information, these colors and lettering can be used to create printed clothing. It’s an innovative idea to translate the written language on to your attire.

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