5 Essential Tips On Dining Etiquette

5 Essential Tips On Dining Etiquette

Who cares about dining etiquette? With life running at such a fast pace, most of us really don’t care how we eat. We sit with our legs up on the coffee table, watching TV, spill some soup and crumbs here and there and don’t really bother about what kind of cutlery we’re using. But if you’re going out for dinner or having guests over at your place, make sure you enforce these tips on dining etiquette without fail.

1. No clinking

One of the biggest faux pas that you can make on the dining table is to clink your forks or spoons to the plate while you’re eating. Sure, it can’t be absolutely sound-free. But by making a constant ‘clink-clank’ sound with your cutlery and silverware, especially when you’re finishing off those last morsels, you’d be annoying the people around you.

2. Placement of cutlery

As you might already know, dining etiquette is never complete without the complicated procedure of ‘where-to-place-what’. This dining etiquette is true for both hosts and guests. Did you know, according to the American style of dining etiquette, all the knives are on the right, forks and napkins are on the left, soup bowls and service plates are in the center, wine glasses are to the top right and butter plates are to the top left? We find this dining etiquette extremely interesting.

3. The signs of a napkin

You’d never imagine that napkins could also make it to an important place in dining etiquette, right? Well, you better update yourself with this unique dining etiquette. The signal for everyone to start eating would be when the hostess unfolds the napkin from the table and places it on her lap. And when you’ve finished eating your meal, a great dining etiquette to follow would be to loosely place the dirty napkin on the table, never on your used plate or chair.

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