7 Totally Unique Christmas Party Themes

7 Totally Unique Christmas Party Themes

If you are someone who throws a party every year for Christmas you will be breaking your head every year around this time on what you can do to make this year’s party special. On the other hand, if you have never thrown a party and are doing it for the first time you may have trouble coming up with a theme and entering the party circuit with a bang. It could also be that you are competing among family and friends on who throws the best Christmas party and whose is the most entertaining. If you can identify with any of the above or just want to throw a party that will keep everyone happy and also say that it is different, here are a few ideas to help you throw a totally unique themed Christmas party.

1. The ugly sweater party

Throw a party where people can compete with each other by wearing the ugliest sweater. You will definitely end up with some hilarious and tacky photos and this will be one party that no one will forget easily. Most people will have at least one ugly sweater hidden in their closets and won’t have trouble dressing up.

2. Potluck Christmas party

This will serve a dual purpose. You will not have to break your back cooking for the many people who come to your party and this will also be a unique party when you do not set any rules as to what they can bring for the party.

3. Christmas Karaoke party

Get a big list of Christmas songs and both you and your guests can enjoy a bit of karaoke singing. It should be fun watching people sing and have different takes on some old classics. Watching and listening to people close you would make this the most fun party of all times.

4. The drink till you drop Christmas party

This could be a party when you bring back your wild days. Anyone who is invited should at least bring in 2 bottles of liquor and you can keep drinking till each one of you drop and can drink no more. Just make sure you make arrangements for people to stay back as it can be dangerous to drive back with so much alcohol in the body.

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