5 Tips on How to Forgive Your Boyfriend

5 Tips on How to Forgive Your Boyfriend

Anger is never good for your health and it is not good to stay angry with someone you love for a number of reasons; the important and the most obvious reason being that you will end up spoiling the relationship and can never get back the time that you had lost fuming and fretting about the issue. When you are in love or are living with your boyfriend for some time, small issues will crop up and you will fight with him for many reasons. The reasons may range from silly to serious, like forgetting to put down the toilet seat, for shaving in the sink and forgetting to wash it later, for lying to you about something trivial or for making you wait and never being punctual about anything. Instead of staying angry for a long time and bottling it all up, here are some tips on how to forgive him.

1. Think of the good times you spent with him

Instead of just focusing on what he did wrong or what he did not do, you should think of the good times that you spent with him. This will help you realize that he is not the same person at all times and help you forgive him much more easily. Focusing on the positive things will help you tide over the present crisis.

2. Remember why you love him

When you are angry with him over some small issue, do not let the anger boil over. Forgive him and always remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. Love is all about forgiveness. And it is also not about trying to change someone. If you think, he acted a certain way because you were forcing him to change, then you will realize that you are partly to blame too and might forgive him much more easily.

3. Be magnanimous in accepting apology

When he realizes that he has made a mistake and wants to apologize, give him a chance to do so. Do not shut him off and also do not put up a price when he comes to you. Listen to his apologies and forgive him. Forgiving him does not make you weak, neither will it hurt your ego, so let go of it if it is a small misunderstanding between the two of you.

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