5 Ways to Keep the Child in You Alive Forever

5 Ways to Keep the Child in You Alive Forever

Ever wondered why children look so happy most of the time? They avoid complications and do whatever makes them happy. As we grow up, we tend to pay too much attention to advice or etiquette, sometimes at the cost of our own happiness. However, there are certain ways in which we can keep the child within us alive forever.

1. Enjoy the small things

Kids are happy because they don’t have big plans. They relish the small tasks whether it is getting dirty, taking a bath, enjoying their chocolate or watching their cartoons. Children allow themselves to let loose when they are watching their favorite programs on TV or dancing to their favorite song. Learn to love nature like children do, whether it is chasing butterflies and dragonflies in the garden or making paper boats to play in the rain. Sometimes, playing with children, playing their favorite games is more than enough to rediscover the child within you. The beach, the sand castles, the paper planes are all still there for us to keep the child within us alive.

2. Love yourself

Children play with mirrors and adore themselves while making faces in the mirror. Adults don’t usually don’t have time for it. If you want to keep the child alive, try looking at yourself, making different expressions in the mirror, observe how you look especially when you smile or when you laugh. It helps you connect to yourself and put aside some of the less important things on your mind. A part of loving yourself is extended to others. Kids smile even at complete strangers. Try doing the same yourself. Sometimes a genuine smile can make someone else’s day.

3. Don’t worry about being called silly

Most children are not worried about criticism. They are confident even if they look up at the sky and give directions to the plane. They know what they are doing. It is important to keep the spark alive in you by doing what you want to, without worrying about others’ judgment. Kids are rarely embarrassed even when they are crying at full volume in malls. Kids start skipping on the road or jumping or dancing in front of everyone, without really worrying about who is noticing them and who isn’t. Most of these actions are not impossible for adults to mimic. All it needs is a little heart and a little guts to unlearn what we have learnt all our lives.

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