6 Facts About Pheromones

6 Facts About Pheromones

It is a naturally occurring chemical substance that helps trigger specific mating response in animals and humans and here you were thinking that all this while it was the smile, the cute dimple or the crinkling eyes. Although facts are slow to come and research is still at an infant stage, pheromones definitely have created a flutter among men who seek to impress women and snag a potential date. Here are a few thing you would want to know about pheromones and their effect on humans.

1. Pheromones are species specific

A human pheromone can generate a response only in another human. A human pheromone will have no effect on an animal.

2. The effect a pheromone as is an unconscious process

The change that pheromones create in an animal or a human is involuntary and happens without them thinking about it. It is a completely natural process. There are ongoing studies as to how humans actually feel it or sniff it.

3. No real evidence pheromone products work

But that has done nothing to make a dent in the sale of products that use pheromone. Androstenone is one such product, marketed as a spray that attracts women, but there is little scientific basis to this claim.

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