8 Things to Do When Feeling Under the Weather

8 Things to do When Feeling Under the Weather

Not only bad hair days, but there are also bad mood days when you simply get up on the wrong side of the bed and feel down in the dumps for no apparent reason. You feel like crawling back into the comfort of your bed and laying there till the day ends. Instead of doing so, why not do yourself some good and follow these tips.

1. Go to a spa

There’s nothing better than having an excuse to pamper and indulge oneself to a relaxing massage or spa therapy. You will step out of the spa feeling blessed and relaxed.

2. Visit the salon

Getting a new haircut will not only pep up your look, but also your mood. If you have recently had a haircut, then go get a manicure, pedicure or facial done just to feel relaxed and refreshed.

3. Have comfort food

While feeling under the weather, having comfort food, preferably a home cooked meal, is the best solution. Rustle up a dish that you love, or visit your favorite restaurant to have a meal. You will be in a better state of mind post-eating.

4. Exercise

If you are feeling under the weather generally, and not because of some illness, you need to put on those exercise shoes and move yourself. Skipping, a light jog, floor exercises, dancing and such other physical activities can make one feel good about oneself.

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