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5 Tips on How Best to Prepare for Old Age

Old age can sometimes be very cruel and it can take you by surprise. It can become extremely difficult to accept the sudden change in lifestyle and the failing body strength. We give you...

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Top 6 Reasons to Have Kids

Some women want kids while others don’t. Some women have a natural urge for motherhood while others don’t. If you are confused whether you should have children or not, here are a few pointers...

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5 Ways Marriage Can Affect Your Health Positively

Marriage is a beautiful bond helping two people enjoy companionship with each other for a lifetime. It is a journey undertaken by two people together, to deal with happiness and sorrow, sickness and health....

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7 Things to Do for Your Parents Anniversary

Anniversaries are a big deal and as the years go by and the number of anniversaries keeps increasing for any couple, the occasion gets even more importance. Parents’ anniversaries touch a cord with their...