Top 7 Careers Women Prefer

Top 7 Careers Women Prefer

For the modern woman of today, the world is her oyster and she can become anything she wants. However, there are certain careers that are women dominated and some that are male dominated. This could be because of the differences between the various skills and aptitudes of both the sexes. Here are the 7 most sought after careers that women seem to vie for.

1. Fashion designers

Clothes are most women’s weaknesses, so it’s little wonder that women would want to make a career out of designing them. The fashion industry is largely made up of women or gay men thanks to the fact that both of these people love beautifying themselves and others as well.

2. Styling Professionals

When we say style business, we mean to include all beautifying and styling professionals such as hair stylists, beauticians, massage and spa therapists, accessory designers, etc. The glam business of beautifying people has quite a lot of women and rightly so, for from a young age, little girls have been accustomed to making their Barbie dolls look pretty. They just grow up to be women who have replaced those dolls with other women.

3. Secretaries

The position of a secretary has always been regarded and seen as a very feminine one and rarely do you ever hear of a male secretary. Secretaries and receptionists are top jobs that are almost wholly female dominated since women are much better at multitasking than men are.

4. Interior designers

Ladies have a much better aesthetic sense than men and hence are more interested in fields that require them to decorate or enhance something. Thus beside hair styling and fashion designing, women also love interior designing.

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