7 Signs You Are Obsessed With Twitter

Signs You Are Obsessed With Twitter

Sharing your life on social media is fun, but there is a thin line between sharing and being obsessed. Have you crossed your line yet? Are you obsessed with twitter? If you have no idea regarding this, then continue reading.

1. Tweeting after every fifteen minutes

If you tweet after every fifteen minutes, then you are definitely obsessed with twitter. Tweeting about general happening is a common scene. But, if you write ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ on twitter then you are super addicted to it.

2. Following anyone randomly

If you follow anyone on a random basis, then you might be addicted to the site. Following anyone on twitter without knowledge could be risky and stupid.

3. Getting excited on seeing a re-tweet

If you get excited on seeing a re-tweet, it could be from anyone, then you might be obsessed with twitter.

4. Logged in all the time

If you stay online the whole day on twitter, then you are addicted to the social site. Staying logged-in whole time means you do not wish to miss anything on twitter. This is a kind of obsession.

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