6 Reasons to Cheat on a Cheating Partner

6 Reasons to Cheat on a Cheating Partner

Cheating on your cheating partner may seem immature and lacking ethics that ought to be the foundation of a healthy relationship. But, you must accept this, cheating on a cheating partner is a good idea. Here’s why.

1. It makes you happy

Being depressed and living your same monotonous life while knowing that your partner is cheating on you is really sad. You can bring some spark to your life by starting a fling yourself. It will make you feel happy while you’re with him.

2. It gives you a chance to make your marriage work

Sometimes your partner resorts to extramarital affairs because there are no feelings left between the two of you. He tries to make himself feel better by involving himself in another woman. You going on the same path will perhaps bring the two of you closer.

3. You will be less snappy and aggressive at home

Sleeping with another man will help you feel elated and add a new enhanced feeling to your life. It will dial down levels of frustration and channelize your aggressive behavior. You will find yourself laughing and having healthy conversations at home. It’s like an internal agreement between you and your partner.

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