7 Facts You Must Know about Breast Cancer

Facts You Must Know about Breast Cancer

Perhaps the most aggressive and most damaging form of cancer that most women are scared of is the breast cancer. Breast cancer is genetic and can also affect women who have had no family history of breast cancer. Prevention is always better than cure and it always help to know about a disease even if you are not affected by it. Here are some facts everyone must know about breast cancer.

1. Mammograms are important but you also need to have clinical breast exams once you turn forty

Mammograms are a great screening method to find out if you have breast cancer and it is advisable to get it done after you turn forty. But in case you have a dense breast, it is better to get a clinical breast exam as this method is more effective to find out any traces of cancer, especially inflammatory breast cancer, that makes the breast swollen and red. It is also one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

2. Self-exams are not only helpful to find out if there is anything out of the ordinary but is also a must

Examining yourself in front of the mirror is not only helpful to find out what is normal about your breasts but is also important as you can see a doctor as soon as you find any abnormal lumps on your breasts.

3. Calcifications

When you have calcifications that turn up in a mammogram, do not panic. It can be benign most of the times, as it is the normal aging process of the tissue. Your radiologist will know if it is benign or cancerous just by looking at the shape of the calcifications and only suspicious ones need a biopsy.

4. Exercise and a healthy diet lowers the risk of breast cancer in women

It has been scientifically proven that exercise and a diet rich in folate is known to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. You do not have to exercise vigorously, but an active lifestyle is good enough to prevent breast cancer in later stages of life.

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