7 Signs You are Just a Fling

Signs You are Just a Fling

You might be wishing for the entire package– kids, pets, apartment and more. For him you might be just a fling– a short romance that has an expiry date. Either you can do all the guessing or just confront him head on. Take help of these cues to find out if the guy has his exit strategy all mapped out.

1. He doesn’t open up about his family, work and friends

You never become part of his inner circle. It is easier to keep break-ups trouble free when your friends and family aren’t involved. If he persistently avoids introducing you to his friends and family, take the hint that he does not want you to be woven into the very fabric of his life.

2. You are not part of his plans

It is easy to notice this. If he talks to you about relocating to another country without including you anywhere in the picture take it as a sign that he is not serious about you. Also, if he plans his vacation or parties without inviting you, he might not be that into you. He you will also notice that he never uses the word ‘we’ the way couples do in conversations.

3. He makes jokes about your ‘future husband’

This is to give you a clear picture that he doesn’t see himself as being your future hubby. This is his way of giving you hints that he doesn’t plan to propose you any time soon/or never.

4. He likes to keep his date private

He does not indulge in public displays of affection. He does not take you on dates where he will bump into his friends and relatives. This way you will just be a blip on his radar when it comes to his romantic adventures.

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