Know About The Cons of Hair Extensions

Know About The Cons of Hair Extensions

All of us dream of having thick and lustrous hair but many times it happens otherwise, thanks to varied factors. Hair extensions came into the picture since people have started experiencing thinning of hair. This has started affecting their personality and mood. Hair extensions, undoubtedly, look amazing when attached to your own hair but also have their own perils. There are many ways to attach these hair extensions and include: bonding with cold or hot keratin, weaving and fixing through braids or clips.

Usually, these hair extensions when attached properly will last for a duration of four months. The glue bond, subsequently, will begin to loosen and wither away after this period. While there are distinctive advantages to the concept, there seem to be several disadvantages that make you question the very use of hair extensions. Listed here are the cons of hair extensions.

Traction Alopecia is a problem that arises from the use of permanent hair extensions. This medical term refers to hair loss and causes bald patches on different portions of the head. When hair extensions are glued to your scalp, they are often near your natural hair. The glue has the ability to cause immense damage to hair ends by burning them. With increased length and strength of extensions, further pressure is applied to your scalp. Such pressure can cause hair thinning.

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