8 Interesting Facts About Beer

Interesting Facts About Beer

For all the beer lovers out there, here are some interesting facts about your favorite drink- Beer.

1. Origin

The origin of beer can be traced back to ancient Babylon though can beers are a more recent phenomenon and made their first appearance only in 1935. Even the word “honeymoon” can be traced back to the Babylonian times and was derived from mead or honey beer. So you should be proud sipping the drink of the kings of yesteryears.

2. No water, just beer

People in the middle ages preferred beer to water as clean and hygienic water was at a premium then. Beer, with its alcohol content, was considered a safer alternative. So all those jokes about oceans of beer don’t seem to be so funny after all!

3. Mind your P’s and Q’s

The next time you hear someone using this phrase, you won’t be able to help smiling since this seemingly innocent phrase also has its origin in the good old beer. The P’s and Q’s is nothing but pints and quarts, the measures of beer in English pubs.

4. Rule of thumb

If your professors made you crazy with the innumerable rules of thumb, the information we are going to divulge might provide some respite. This phrase is also a byproduct of the beer making process of old days when the thermometer hadn’t been invented and the brewers had to rely on their thumb instead to find the perfect temperature for adding yeast to the mix.

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