7 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Smartphone

Signs You Are Addicted to Your Smartphone

Smart phones – the smartest and the most useful gift of technology! It helps you to instantly post your vacation pictures on Facebook, Tweet about the massive traffic, find the venue with your GPS when that directions your friend gave you got you right in the middle of east Jesus nowhere, and chat away like there is no tomorrow. But little do you realize that the gadget you have mastered, often ends up dominating you. Here 10 signs that shows that you are a smart phone addict who needs a ‘Real Life’ intervention.

1. Your best friend is giving your smartphone the dirty look. Yes, she missed her cousin’s reception to hang out with you and you are busy scrolling down the glass screen selecting that perfect emoticon on Whatsapp.

2. You chronically keep updating every little thing you do. The world does not need to know how your bagel looks or how bad is your hangover. Share only the news that will add value to people’s life.

3. The last meaningful conversation you had with your partner was about the battery life of your phone. There is life beyond your phone that is worth discussing about. Stop and smell the roses. And not the ones on Instagram.

4. To a stranger you look like a theater artists practicing different facial expressions. You are waiting for the bus and smiling, frowning and rolling your eyes in total abandon looking at your smart phone.

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