8 Signs You are an Over-Possessive Girlfriend

8 Signs You are an Over-Possessive Girlfriend

A healthy relationship is one in which both partners give each other space, and respect each other’s choices. However, sometimes, one partner can go so overboard with care or concern, that he/she might start to become over possessive about their partner. Here are some signs to tell you that you are an over possessive girlfriend.

1. You call him all the time

Yes, you are dating him and love him a lot. But does that really mean that you need to call him thousand times a day? He might have meetings, or other important things to do in a day, and it might not be possible to take your calls always. Plus, in times when you are calling him for something important or urgent, he may cancel that call thinking it is one of those random calls that you make hundreds of times in a day. Don’t go overboard with your calling, and call only at specific times, so that even little things like phone calls don’t lose their charm in your relationship.

2. You want to know about his whereabouts all the time

Do you hate it if he makes a sudden or spontaneous plan without informing you? Do you get really angry when his phone shuts off for sometime because of low battery? Well, you better admit that you are behaving over possessive. Even though he stepped out in the morning with a specific plan for the day, you never know when certain things pop up suddenly, changing your day’s plan. You can’t keep track of his day minute-by-minute, and you pressurizing him to update you all the time will only make him really angry and frustrated.

3. You leave your things at his house

When you go for a stay over at his place and leave things behind deliberately in an effort to make it seem to visitors at his place that he’s taken, you’re simply overdoing things. You have your own house, and he has his own. Respect that space till the time you actually move in together or get married. You trying to make space for your things in his already cramped apartment is going to irritate him a lot. People around him know he’s dating you. They don’t need to see your clothes in his wardrobe to know he has a girlfriend.

4. You want access to all his private things

If you want access to his email accounts, bank accounts and social media accounts, then you are a definite case of obsessive possessiveness. You need to understand that there are certain things in a person’s life that they don’t like sharing with anyone. You seeking access to all his personal accounts will make him feel suffocated, and it will only lead to a lot of fights and arguments between the two of you.

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