7 Problems With Keeping Secrets From Your Husband

7 Problems With Keeping Secrets From Your Husband

The foundation of marriage is based on many things, the most important being trust. You need to be honest to your spouse about everything, you trust each other and so you need to keep that trust. Hiding things and keeping secrets would bring distance between the partners and eventually it will have adverse effects. Here are 7 problems with keeping secrets from your husband.

1. You will feel guilty

When you hide something the thought keeps haunting your mind that you aren’t saying something that you should. Keeping a secret from your husband will create the burden of guilt inside you. The guilt won’t go until you reveal the secret.

2. If he finds out, he may not trust you again

If your husband is under the impression that you don’t keep secrets and somehow he comes to know about your secret, it will shatter him. He will always be suspicious and doubt you. It will be difficult for him to trust you again.

3. It leads to conflicts and fights in marriage

There is saying which goes, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ You may not have cheated on him but the fact that you kept important things from him will make him second guess everything. His doubts and accusations will scar your marriage with conflict and disharmony.

4. Reduces physical intimacy

In a marriage where there are secrets, it’s difficult to be open and intimate. How can you be physically one when you can’t be emotionally one? Keeping secrets creates barriers and this will resurface for certain during the physical act.

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