7 Reasons a First Crush is Always Special

7 Reasons a First Crush is Always Special

Think first crush and a warm smile immediately lands on your lips. You get nostalgic and feel so good internally. Why is a first crush so special to all of us, none deprived? Here are the reasons that you will also nod to as you read.

1. You were innocent

All firsts are special; the first bike, the first friend or the first kiss. A first crush beats them all hollow. Your first crush was probably at a time when you first discovered attraction. The intentions are clean, feelings are pristine and you may have cherished even the thought of sitting together or being seen together. Such feelings will never come of your subsequent relationships.

2. First crush knows no reason

You do not calculate or rationalize when you develop feelings for the very first guy in your life. He may be the most popular guy at High School or your charming next door neighbor or a super stylish rock star. Whoever be it, you may not have rationalized on the practicality or thought about the longevity of the relationship. An attraction simply happens often because of one or a few factors and makes you feel happy, warm and pleasant all the time.

3. You can never forget it

There are all possible chances you forget your boyfriends (despite the number) but you can never forget your first crush. Every single detail will remain clear and strong in your mind and time can never take them away even briefly. Therefore, a first crush is always a treasured memory.

4. Every single thing with your first crush is an achievement

Your first crush looks at you, you want to celebrate; he talks to you casually, you want to throw a party; he compliments you, you think about it all your life; he holds your hand and you are on cloud nine. So, even the simplest of things is considered an achievement and a prized possession.

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