5 Signs Your Boyfriend is Desperate

Signs Your Boyfriend is Desperate

A new relationship begins with several expectations. Your boyfriend may be moving too fast but if you are not ready for it, things can get a little messy. But there might be another reason why your boyfriend wants to take the relationship to the next level- Desperation! Here are 5 signs you need to watch out for in your boyfriend to determine if he is desperate.

1. You say ‘No’ but he persists

Have you already made your stand clear about how intimate you want to get in your relationship? If you have already made this decision mutually and he still persists that he wants to take the relationship to the next level, you have a problem there. Your boyfriend smells of something- and that something could be desperation.

2. Seduction- verbal and physical flirting

If your boyfriend is trying out techniques in a covet manner, like whispering in your ears, trying to paint a mental picture of the two of you in bed, making you realize how beautiful and passionate it will be, he is perhaps pushing too hard to convince you. He plays around with your hair and tries to verbally and physically seduce you.

3. Displays unnecessary frustration

Sometimes your boyfriend may show signs of being frustrated, having denied him the physical bliss in the relationship. He is craving for something more and that is perhaps what you are not prepared for. He might snap during unusual situations, not attend your calls frequently, and send delayed replies or become distant in terms of offering any kind of emotional solace. These signs of frustration could be a result of desperation.

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