20 Things You should have Done by 21

Things You should have Done by 21

Life gives you a lot of things but your priorities and interests differ according to your age largely. As a teenager and before you turn 21, there must be a list of things you should have experienced. Here is a bucket list of things you should have done by 21.

1. Get a part-time job just for the need to earn some money. You could teach, wash cars, sell lemonades, baby sit or just do anything you fancy.

2. Have arguments with your parents. While this isn’t uncommon for teenagers, some of them refrain from talking. Instead, have a strong argument so you can think about it later along with them and laugh it off.

3. Have had a big crush on the hot guy in school. A crush is an important thing as you go through your adolescence. Do not miss out on that special feeling.

4. Had your first kiss with someone special. Kissing beyond 20 or 30 or even after that is no big deal but your first kiss is obviously the most memorable and when you have it with someone special, you take the emotions several notches higher.

5. Have at least thought once about moving out of home. The reason may have been important or silly but the thought counts.

6. Have had a vague idea of what you intend to do after college.

7. Have gone skinny-dipping. Despite the number of insecurities you may have, skinny-dipping is the most liberating thing. And when you are inside water, you are in a way hiding.

8. Have gossiped about that pretty girl in high school. Call it jealousy, anger or frustration, gossiping is the single most fun activity that gives immense happiness especially when you are a teenager.

9. Gone on a night-out with friends under the pretext of studies. We all know how much fun night-outs are.

10. Maintained a diary and guarded it with your life. Something that seemed more precious than most will make a good read as years go by.

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