7 New Ways to Add Spice to Your Relationship

7 New Ways to Add Spice to Your Relationship

Is your stressful lifestyle taking a toll on your love life? When was the last time you did something for your partner? Do not remember, then listed below are some new ways to add spice to your relationship. Read on.

1. Go for a walk

Take some time out and go for a walk with your partner under the stars. When you spend some time alone with him, you can revive the old times. Engage in a deep conversation with him. Do not forget to hold his hand while walking.

2. Plan a dinner date

Nothing beats this! Just plan a dinner date for him to surprise him. Arrange for a date well in advance. Spending some quality time together will surely bring you closer to him.

3. Use social sites

Social sites are not only meant for friends, use those sites to have some fun with your partner. Make an account on Instagram and add some secret pictures of his. Or use Facebook and Twitter as a medium to connect to him regularly. Send some smileys on his Twitter account to make your conversation interesting. The idea is to have some fun with him.

4. Make a couple to do list

Have you heard about a couple’s to do list? Make a list and write down things which you both want to do together. For instance, if you both like adventure, then write down these activities. Plan a hiking trip for a weekend and indulge in some fun banter with him. This will surely help you to spend some good time with him and break the monotony in your relationship.

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