7 Most Effective Rules of Flirting

7 Most Effective Rules of Flirting

Flirting is an art in itself. Mastering the little tips and techniques of flirting with guys so that they go completely crazy for you, requires some careful attention and patience. To help you become a master flirt so that you can find and kiss the right Prince Charming for you, here’s a list of 7 most effective flirting rules.

1. Don’t let him know that you have fallen head over heels for him

Never ever let him know you are absolutely crazy for him and are ready to jump on him at the first opportunity. Instead, keep it cool and act naturally.

2. Flirt a little with other guys

The moment a man senses some competition, he becomes all ready to conquer the battlefield. The moment he sees you smiling in other guy’s direction or paying attention to them, he’ll outdo everyone to have your complete and undivided attention.

3. Lock him with your naughty eyes when sitting in a room full of people

While talking to your friends, play with your hair a little and look in his direction. Make eye contact and let it stay a bit longer than normal. That’s a magic spell that will bind him in your direction!

4. Let him know you are interested, but subtly!

Give him hope! Drop hints but make sure they are slight subtle hints that make him aware that you are interested in him. It’s very important not to overdo it. So be very careful!

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