5 Ways to Deal with Your Boyfriend Flirting with Your Best Friend

5 Ways to Deal with Your Boyfriend Flirting with Your Best Friend

So your boyfriend keeps on inviting your best friend for your dates. You happen to see a thread of flirty messages with her in his mobile. Does he keep on spooking out information about her from you? Do you find them together giving an excuse “we were waiting for you”? If such instances are happening in and around your relationship, it’s time to think and take action.

1. Observe and gather proof

If of late, you have started to feel that your boyfriend is sharing flirtatious vibes with your best friend, don’t jump to conclusions right away and pounce on them. For a few days observe their behavior, specially your boyfriend’s. Is he the one making the moves and throwing hints at your friend or it’s the other way round? Is he flirty only with your friend or all other girls in general?

2. Discuss your insecurity

According to your observations, if you feel insecure about the situation, find a way to talk to your boyfriend. Don’t be very direct as it may agitate the scenario more. Tell him subtly that his behavior has been disturbing you and you would appreciate, if he could bring about a change in it.

3. Observe if he stays true to his assurances

After your talk with your boyfriend, don’t just sit back and relax. Notice his behavior again. Were his assurances good enough and is he making efforts to change himself? Or are all his promises just a fake pretence for a few days and then he is back to his normal flirty ways? If you think he is faking love with you, then it’s time to take serious action.

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