8 Tips to Prepare Your Child For a New Sibling

8 Tips to Prepare your Child For a New Sibling

The arrival of a new baby can make your older kid envious. Some children get competitive and even aggressive towards the new one. When you bring a new baby into the family, everything from your schedule and habits to needs change a bit. You actually have to focus on the new baby and this can make your older child feel lonely. Here are some tips on how to prepare your little one for a new kid. This will prevent sibling rivalry in your family.

1. Talk to your first child about your pregnancy

Children are curious by nature and your little one will surely ask you why you are gaining so much weight. Most parents shy away from talking about pregnancy but it is alright to tell the kids that you are about to bring a little baby into the family. You can tell your kid, “Once the baby comes, he/she will play with you and it will be so much fun.”

2. Make arrangements for the new baby with your older kid

You can encourage your older kid to help you choose bedding, clothes, toys, wall color and crib for the new baby. You can reward your kid with a chocolate, a cookie or just a tight hug when he does something great for the baby. All this will help the kid connect with the baby. Half the battle is won if you instill love for the new one in your older child’s heart.

3. Pick some nice books for your older kid

You can find some good books which can help your older kid feel like a ‘big sister/brother.’ You can talk to your kid about the feelings hidden behind every picture of the book. You can also discuss the characters of these books. This will help you make your kid more responsible and positive about the baby.

4. Find a nice gift for the baby with your kid

You can encourage your kid to find a great gift for the new baby sister/brother. You can make handmade welcome cards with your kid. All this will keep your kid involved as well as excited for the baby.

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