6 Types of Men You Meet on Online Dating Sites


While there is definitely a probability of getting introduced with a guy on a dating site who ends up becoming your life partner, the chances for that happening is just one in a million. And no, this is not an exaggeration. You may surely meet up with someone whom you like talking to and all, but that is mostly it. The type of guys who are more commonly found on dating sites can be easily categorized into the following groups. If you cannot categorize the guy you met on a dating site into any of these categories, he definitely deserves a chance. Check out these 6 types of men you meet on online dating sites.

1. Perfect-profile guy

These are the type of guys who probably spend as much time in filling their profile details as they spend in writing their resume. Some of these guys may genuinely be good, but mostly these are the wannabe type of people who will start to irritate you from the first message. If reading a person’s profile makes you think of Brad Pitt or Albert Einstein, just ignore it. The guy isn’t like that and he’s only trying to sell himself.

2. Long distance guy

If a guy does not tell you where he is from or avoids any topic of actually meeting up, do not waste your time on such a guy. They are probably from a distant place just killing their time on such sites and you may never know how many other girls he’s doing the same with.

3. Single dad

There are plenty of single dads found on online dating sites and there is nothing wrong about it. What’s wrong is if he is only looking for a girl to take care of his child. Make sure you don’t fall for that. You are there to be loved and not to become a nanny.

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