10 Signs You Are Addicted to Coffee

Signs You Are Addicted to Coffee

You are known (and often judged) by the coffee you order. If you call for cappuccino you are considered way behind times. If you like Americano you are a no nonsense person with a tough persona. If you lean towards Mochaccino you are quirky! In this coffee-crazed world, if we live in coffee addiction, it is a vice that might go undetected. Before you let your coffee addiction get better of you, watch out for these 10 signs that confirm you are a java-junkie.

1. You limp and drag yourself from your bed to the coffee pot first thing in the morning. You cannot function without that strong whiff of caffeine.

2. Long lines at the coffee shops do not daunt you. You happily stand with eyes half close waiting for that hit of espresso.

3. Your friends and family stage a coffee addict intervention. You owe lot of people money from freeloading coffee off them.

4. You twitch a lot during office meetings due to sugar overdose. You have become shifty like a pigeon even without realizing it and the culprit is that sixth cup of coffee. Excessive stimulation caused by coffee makes you restless, impatient and nervous.

5. Your pearly whites have only remained a memory. Your coffee stains have started to show on your teeth.

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