7 Internet Safety Tips for Kids Which You Must Care About

7 Internet Safety Tips for Kids Which You Must Care About

Won’t it be apt to compare the Internet to a huge country? Why? Well, because it has its share of the good, the bad, and the unlawful mafia! And just like you advise your kids to avoid dark alleys and shady places, you should ensure that they follow these internet security tips too. Internet security for kids in today’s times is a really important measure you should take to avoid regrettable consequences. Check out these Internet security tips for kids and make sure your child knows about them.

1. Turn on the firewall

Make sure that your child knows that firewall prevents all sorts of security threats and to never turn it off no matter what certain websites claim. Just as a precaution, make sure that turning the firewall off requires your admin privileges which are of course controlled by you.

2. Download only from a trusted source

All sorts of downloads are available on the web. Make sure you tell your kid what sites are okay for them to download from, and to consult you if they wish to download something which they are not sure about. This could happen only if you make them aware of the malware and viruses out there in a way that is not condescending.

3. Avoid clicking spamming/fake links

Tell your kid that links which looks suspicious look so for a reason. If clicking on a link offers you a chance to win a million dollars, or tell you that you are the chosen one, that link is definitely harmful and should not be clicked.

4. Do not open every email that your spam filter let through

Some malicious emails can make through the spam filter of the email accounts. Make sure your kid knows to open emails only from people he knows or expects to get a mail from, or if the subject seems legitimate.

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