3 Ways To Apply Foundation

3 Ways To Apply Foundation

Your foundation, as the name suggests, is the first basic step to getting your make up started. Once your foundation is in place, everything else is pretty easy to manage.

A lot of women struggle with getting a ‘natural’ look, because they don’t know how to go about buying or applying their foundation. In fact, it’s a make up rule that when someone can technically ‘see’ your foundation on your face, it means you’ve gone wrong somewhere. The idea of a foundation is to be as blended and as invisible as possible to give you a flawless looking face.

Before application, you must start with cleansing your face well. Then, you must move on to moisturizing, so that your skin doesn’t feel dry, patchy or itchy. This is also important for your make up to have a smooth base to work on. Allow your moisturizer to settle in for at least 5 minutes, and then progress to applying a primer. Applying a primer before your foundation is important to help you in blending it well, and thereby getting a natural look.

Once your basic prep is done, you have three different ways of applying foundation to choose from:

1. With Fingers

In the initial days, most women used to prefer applying their foundation with the help of fingers, as it allowed for maximum blending. Moreover, it was a perfect way to save your skin from hard brushes that rubbed harshly against the skin. Blending with the fingers also allowed for a more even application, ensuring that no big patches of foundation were left on parts of the face. However, these days, since brushes have become softer, and people have become more hygiene conscious, finger application is not that popular.

2. With Brushes

If you are a hygiene conscious person and know that your hands are clean and bacteria-free all the time, then finger application would probably seem the easiest and most convenient. However, most make up artists these days prefer using brushes. There are special brushes of specific shapes and sizes, designed to help you blend your foundation well. There are also separate brushes for contouring and correction. When using brushes, just make sure that they are clean and hygienic for use to avoid skin problems.

3. With Sponge

Some people also like to use a sponge for applying their foundation. Sponges are soft, and are good for blending purposes. They are best when you have a mix of liquid foundation with dry powder, so that no patches are left on the face. Again, they are available in different shapes and sizes for various make up purposes.

What method you pick for applying your foundation is totally dependent on you and the kind of foundation you use. You must try out all kinds of foundation on your face (not on your hands) to see which one blends in well and looks most natural. Then select all your other make up products accordingly.

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