6 Best Self-employed Jobs

Best Self-employed Jobs

More and more people these days are shunning the traditional 9-5 work hours and a regular job to do something from home. Being self-employed not only makes you your own boss but it also lets you manage your time the way you want to. Doing what you want to do can work in two ways. You can be your own boss and make less money with no benefits and still be happy or you can make much more money than you had imagined and be happier. Even if your business venture or working from home job does not work for you, you wouldn’t have lost much as you would have gained valuable experience and would not repeat the mistakes again. You will only want to try harder the next time around. Here are some of the best self-employed jobs.

1. Writing jobs from home

This is the best job if you have the knack for writing. You can take projects based on your expertise and time available. You can also write to your heart’s content and be satisfied with what you do. Instead of being pressured to write a certain way like you would be forced in a regular job, writing from home gives you the freedom to choose what kind of projects you want to be doing.

2. App developer

With smart phones becoming ubiquitous people would only want to have more apps every day. If you are good at developing apps, it could be a pretty lucrative option. The world is your oyster as you get paid for making people wasting their time. You can also making non-gaming apps and help people.

3. Florist

It is difficult for a florist to go out of business unless you are really bad at it. If you have different flowers from the rest and make new creations and designs with them, you will always be in business. And if you are someone who likes flowers, there can be no better job than sit all day surrounded by gorgeous flowers.

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