5 Fun Gifts to Cheer Up A Heartbroken Friend

5 Fun Gifts to Cheer Up A Heartbroken Friend

A friend is someone who can make you smile, even in the toughest of times. If your friend is heartbroken, then you must do something to pep her up. The best way to pep her up is by gifting her something. This would surely help her to forget a little about her broken heart. Revive her mood by gifting something that she wished for a very long time. So let us see some fun gifts to cheer up a heartbroken friend.

1. Collection of music CDs

Music heals a broken heart. If your friend likes music, then gifting a music CD would be apt. Make a list of songs that she likes and include your favorites too. Gifting music CDs will help her to forget about her broken heart.

2. Salon or spa gift certificate

Make your friend feel good by gifting her a spa gift certificate. A spa session would definitely help your friend to feel pampered and relaxed. Alternately, gifting a salon gift certificate would help her to feel rejuvenated and forget the past.

3. Yoga or gym card

Divert her attention by gifting her a yoga membership card. Yoga helps to relax the mind and this would help your friend to calm down. If your friend is fond of going to the gym, then a gym card is also a good option to get her up and about.

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