7 Internet Etiquette Tips

7 Internet Etiquette Tips

In these days of social media and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the day, the time we spend online has increased drastically. Sometimes it feels like a person’s entire life is on display online. Be it professional sites like Linked in or social networking sites like twitter or Facebook, or blogs, a person’s work life and their opinions and interests are out there to be seen. Because it is a virtual world does not mean it has different rules. The same etiquette you would follow in real life should also be followed when you are on the internet. Here are a few internet etiquette tips.

1. Keep a neutral, decent picture as your profile picture

You try to look your best in your original face when you go out to meet people. The same should be applied when you are on the internet too. You are not going to leave your picture to be lying around everywhere, so when there is a place that needs your face to be shown, put a real picture. It shows people you are genuine. It helps especially in dating websites.

2. Do not document every single sneeze online

Some people constantly update their activity or location on their social media network. Sometimes this can be pretty annoying. Not everyone needs to know that you have a bad stomach and have been spending too many hours in the toilet. Reduce the amount of personal details you share online. The more you put out there online, the more you chances of getting stalked or robbed.

3. Do not showcase your wealth online

If you have recently gone on an expensive location or if you are updating your profile with pictures from your vacation place, be careful, thieves can track you with your photos and can rob you when you are out of town. Do not be a walking advertisement to be robbed. Exercise prudency when updating your location. Also showing off your new flashy car or expensive jewelry online is not advisable.

4. Do not stalk someone online

In real life you can go to prison. You can go to prison for online stalking too. But in many instances, we engage in harmless talking like keeping track of a spouse or an ex. We would walk behind the person everyday trying to find out what they are up to. So resist the temptation to stalk or follow someone online. Voyeurism can turn into an unhealthy obsession.

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