7 Gifts You Must have on Your Wedding Registry List

7 Gifts You Must have on Your Wedding Registry List

A wedding registry is a reflection of the things that are going to be a part of your married life. Things to put on a wedding registry can widely vary for each couple, depending on what they have and what they want. Here are a few indicative items that are traditionally placed on wedding registries by couples.

1. Dinner set

A good looking dinner set is a must have in every couple’s home. Most stores offering wedding registry services are likely to have a few options for dinner sets for guests to choose from. A dinner set including dinner plates, side plates, serving plates and salad bowls is one of the most common gift items found in wedding registries.

2. Glassware

Among all kitchen items, glassware is another popular item found in wedding registries. Whether you want an ordinary juice glass or a delicate wine glass, you can list it on your registry. Make sure you coordinate your glassware with your dinner set so that they don’t look mismatched when you actually use them.

3. Unique electronic items

If you think that putting a blender or a mixer may look tacky on your wedding registry, you can opt for specific electric items. This can include a yogurt maker, a waffle maker or a Panini maker. This will reflect your culinary interests and you will be able to get these items for your kitchen which you would otherwise never buy.

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