7 Tips to Reduce First Date Anxiety

7 Tips to Reduce First Date Anxiety

Anxiety, nervousness, butterflies in the stomach and stress are some of the common things that you may experience before a first date. Here are a few practical tips you can use to reduce first date anxiety.

1. Have enough conversation starters up your sleeve

You can use common conversation starters to smoothen out any awkward moment that may occur on your first date. Make small talk about the weather, your jobs, hobbies and favorites on a first date. Lose the stress and be assured that no matter how uncomfortable your date may feel initially, you can always fall back on your sure shot conversation starters to even things out.

2. Dress well

Dressing well is a big confidence booster, especially on a first date. And once you have high confidence, first date anxiety is likely to ease itself naturally. Dressing well is important to make a good first impression. Once your date flashes a gracious smile at you looking visibly impressed with how good you look, you can consider having won half the battle. So what more would you want to stress about?

3. Don’t think, expect, assume or anticipate too much

It could be possible that there is really no reason for you to be stressed about your first date, but you have only made things up in your head. If you assume, anticipate and expect too much before your first date, you are likely to get unnecessarily nervous. Keep a calm head and a clear state of mind to have a smooth and rocking date.

4. Don’t pretend to be someone else

Your first date could fall apart like a stack of cards if you don’t be yourself in front of your date. The minute you start pretending, you are likely to go wrong somewhere and your date may immediately sense that something is amiss. Don’t get involved in the complications associated with pretentiousness, especially when you are dating someone for the first time.

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