5 Reasons Why You Should not Fight in Front of Your Kids

5 Reasons Why You Should not Fight in Front of Your Kids

We all live in a very stressful world and more often than not, we take out our frustration on those whom we love the most. Every couple goes through a bad phase and having arguments or conflicts or fights is very common in every household. However, once you have kids, you need to be extra careful so as to not expose the child to such a negative environment. We give you some of the reasons why you must never fight in front of your kids.

1. Your kid will learn foul language

If you fight or have an argument in front of your kids then you might end up using some swear words or abusive language. Kids will pick up on that and are most likely to start using those words in their own conversations. This can really prove bad for the child’s overall growth and you may not be able to undo the mistake.

2. It is stressful for your kid

No matter how small a baby is, he/she will get affected if you are sad, angry, depressed, or agitated. Your negative energy is bound to affect the child. If you fight in front of your child, then he/she too will become stressed out. It will also give him/her a sense of insecurity and fear. Since he/she is too young to understand the real reason behind a fight, the child will be left with a lot of unanswered questions.

3. Your kid will not share his problems with you

If your child sees you constantly fighting with your spouse, then he/she will not feel comfortable sharing his own troubles with you. If he/she is being bullied at school, or is facing some other trauma, you will not have enough mental stamina to deal with those problems along with your personal conflicts. This will distance you from your child and you will not be able to help him/her when he/she needs you the most.

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