7 Marriage Myths Debunked

7 Marriage Myths Debunked

Marriage is a subject which is surrounded by myths and rumors. Many things that you think are true about marriage, may actually just be misconceptions. Here are a few marriage myths you should debunk.

Myth 1. People change after marriage

This is one of the most common myths about marriage that has been popularized by Hollywood movies. It is not true that people change after marriage. You may discover new aspects or different behavioral traits of your husband after marriage, but that doesn’t mean he has changed. Seeing new sides of each other may actually be healthier for a marital relationship.

Myth 2. A happy marriage needs common interests

It is impossible for a couple to like the same things in life. In most cases, the opposite is usually true. A husband and wife must pursue their individual interests even if it means spending a few hours away from each other in the week. Food for the mind and soul is extremely important and a happy marriage can become happier if couples hone their individuality.

Myth 3. Either a marriage works or it doesn’t

Many people think that a spark is either present in a marriage or it is not. But few realize that a lot of work, time and effort need to be invested in a marriage to make it successful. No one can conclude within a week, fortnight or a month if a marriage it meant to be or not. Commitment, patience and adjustment are required on a daily basis to keep the spark in a marriage alive.

Myth 4. Romance fizzles out after marriage

Thanks to the notion promoted by popular culture, people fear getting married because they think it will suck the romance out of their relationship. This is a myth for couples who are deeply in love with each other. As couples starts living together in wedlock and begin facing different situations of life, romance and care for other may actually increase.

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