7 Apartment Friendly Dogs

7 Apartment Friendly Dogs

You grew up with a dog, or have always wanted a dog, but live in an apartment and wondering what dog to get? There are a lot of apartment complexes that have rules about the size of the dog you can have. Small breeds are excellent options to have in an apartment. They are ok with small spaces, don’t need large open spaces to run around and can adapt themselves in your flat pretty well.

1. Pugs

Cute wrinkly face, a cuter tail and big brown eyes. That’s a pug for you. It looks more like a toy than a dog and is highly devoted to you. It would want to sleep in bed with you, lick your face and is extremely friendly with humans and other animals. One thing to mind is their snore and their wheeze. They sneeze and snore louder than they bark.

2. Chihuahua

From south of the border, these tiny dogs pack quite a punch. They are very lively and yet quite friendly and they are so small and handy that you can carry them around in your handbag. They can be quite temperamental sometimes, so handle with care.

3. Boston terrier

Cute, small, territorial and smelly when they fart. They look classy and behave in the same manner. They can also be quite stubborn sometimes and hate it when a new male invades their territory.

4. English Bulldog

They give the pugs a run for their money in being cute and wrinkly. The wrinkly face on a big head and the stubby legs make them too adorable. They are friendly, but also quite tenacious and highly protective of their families.

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