6 Ways to Live Big on a Budget

6 Ways to Live Big on a Budget

Living big on a budget is no magic trick if you know a few secrets. Not really secrets, but they are the little things one has to follow and keep in mind, be it saving, shopping or getting hold of the right things at the right time. It never hurts to wish and if the wish is to live big, then you need to go for it, irrespective of the paycheck you get or the money you make. Here are a few things you can do to live big on a budget.

1. Keep track of the “sale”

You can pick up a great dress or lovely shows during the sale in some of the big fashion houses. The trick is to keep track of them as sometimes they do not advertise in the most obvious ways. At times, the only way of knowing would be to sign up with their newsletters or walking past the showrooms regularly.

2. Drink up before you head out on a night out

Bars and pubs can be expensive, especially the ones that are famous and are frequented by celebrities. You want to be seen, live the life but can’t afford to spend much? The answer is simple. Drink before you head out. You can drink with a couple of your friends, so by the time you are at the bar, you don’t have to buy a lot and can keep sipping one drink for hours.

3. Make good vacation choices

Vacationing in lovely exotic locales isn’t out of reach either. You can travel off season, you pay less, hotels slash their prices to half or more than their normal rates and more importantly there are fewer crowds. A better option would be to couch surf or find a friend or relative who you could stay with and save big on eating and staying.

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