6 Reasons He’s not Right for You

6 Reasons He's not Right for You

Soon after a breakup, most of us dissect our relationship to try and find out what went wrong. We either blame ourselves or blame the guy. Instead of going through heartache and having a lot of acrimonious feeling towards the guy, you can find out for yourself if he is right for you before you commit. There are some very obvious signs he is not right for you if you would just look. If you are already into a relationship, break away from him slowly, if you are getting you know him, stay away from him. Here are a few reasons as to why you should do it and why he is not the right guy for you.

1. You have nothing in common

You can be with him because you are attracted to him physically or have great sex whenever you need it. But once you get out of bed, you realize you both have nothing in common. You both have completely different tastes in everything. Try not to get too involved. As the sex dries up, the differences crop up.

2. He does not respect you and your family

Not everyone should love your family but if you realize he doesn’t respect you as a person and does not car for your feelings or your family, then you need to know that he is not the right person for you. Never put yourself in a position of having to choose between him and your family.

3. He is a narcissist

He would try to be perfect and be well groomed. But if he is a narcissist, be assured that you will always come behind him. He will always put himself before anyone and this is an important reason he will never be right for you.

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