5 Indoor Workout Ideas

5 Indoor Workout Ideas

To stay fit and healthy, it is not necessary to join gyms and use high end equipment. It is important to follow a regular workout regime. If you are too lazy to go out and work out, then there is an alternative. You can choose from various indoor workout ideas, according to your choice and convenience. Here are 5 indoor workout ideas.

1. Step workout

You can buy a professionally used step for step workout; it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and isn’t very expensive. You could do various exercises on the step like leg raises, calf stretches, curl backs, knee press, lunges and many more. You could also look up for videos online, play music of your choice and follow the workout steps.

2. Skipping and jumping

A skipping rope is so easily available and is a fun and energetic workout. There is a continuous movement of your hands and legs. You could continue doing a few sets of skipping followed by a few sets of jumping. This is a very easy way to keep your body fit without going outdoors.

3. Aerobics

Aerobics is a very fun and energetic form of cardio workout. If you know the steps well, you could keep trying new variations, or else you could follow the various aerobics videos posted online. They give step by step instructions for doing the exercises. Try doing it in front of a large mirror since it gives you the feel of an aerobics studio.

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