7 Reasons Why Vitamin B12 is Very Important for Your Health

Reasons Why Vitamin B12 is Very Important for Your Health

A lot of kids and adults suffer from some vitamin deficiency or the other these days. But a recent research throws up alarming statistics saying most adults suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12, in its natural form, can be found only in animals and there is an increased chance for strict vegetarians and vegans to suffer from this deficiency. The problem with Vitamin B12 is that it is water soluble but unlike other water soluble vitamins, it does not quickly exit the body through urine. It gets deposited in the liver, kidneys and other body tissues. This poses a problem for that makes it difficult to diagnose a deficiency for as long as 7-8 years! Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause mental fogginess, problems with your memory, feelings of apathy, mood swings, lack of motivation, muscle weakness, fatigue among many other things. You sure do not want to experience anything of that sort. Listed here are some more reasons as to why Vitamin B12 is important for your health.

1. It fosters bodily functions

Vitamin B12 is known to assist in important bodily functions that include absorption of food, digestion, absorption and use of iron and enhancing metabolism.

2. It maintains a healthy nervous system

Vitamin B12 ensures your nervous system grows and develops at a healthy pace. In other words, regular consumption of this vitamin helps to maintain the health of your nervous system.

3. It helps in cell formation and longevity

It also regulates the formation of red blood cells and thus increases blood circulation in the body.

4. It helps to maintain female reproductive health

It is very important to have a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 if you are a woman as it helps strengthen your reproductive system and also helps strengthen you during pregnancy. It also helps in mood regulation and hormone functions so you do not get into slip into depression during pregnancy or suffer from excessive postpartum pain.

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