24 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

24 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

Making your man feel special is not a Herculean task since the male psyche is a lot simpler to please and comfort. Keeping the spark of a relationship alive and making everyday seem charming can be done with ease when you fully understand and acknowledge aspects that he would love to do. It must be understood that a well treated man will also reciprocate the same in a relationship. Remember that every man desires to be supported, encouraged and complimented for his act or thoughts. Your positive and timely presence helps to bring out the best in him. Here are 24 ways to make him feel special.

1. Make your name a priority in your life and make him understand that fact. Search for ways to show him that his desires and needs are as important to you as your own.

2. Gift him silence. There are many times when a man refuses to be perturbed. Understand and acknowledge his need and give him his space and time.

3. Communicate in a language that he understands and not what you want, for as many times as possible.

4. Value his opinion and put them into practice so that he observes how much you value his word.

5. Never criticize. Most men cannot put up with a companion who criticizes them all the time. Stay away from the act and even if you want to put it in a negative comment, do so sparingly and with maturity.

6. Act like his partner and not as his boss. Make sure you let him be in control of areas that he likes to be. You neither lose your independence nor will allow his ego to be hurt.

7. Boost his ego with occasional compliments. Men love compliments but may not really be vociferous about it like women usually are.

8. Men like their women to be attractive. So fix yourself up for them exclusively.

9. Exhibit interest in his hobbies and pastime or if you really do not, then do not stop him from engaging in it.

10. Do not bring up problems every time you are with him. If possible, make it special.

11. Do not let his reputation be tarnished by any family member. Men love to be respected and ensure you support him in every possible way to stay that way.

12. Find every way to show him that you are in need of him. Neither displace him from your life nor become a totally dependent parasite.

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